360 Shark Dive at the Denver Aquarium

Explore this 360 virtual shark dive experience at the Denver Aquarium
360 video shark dive at denver aquarium new focus films

360 Virtual Shark dive


After a recent dive trip got cancelled due to weather, we decided to get some underwater time in the next best thing and closest to home: the Shark Dive Experience at the Denver Aquarium.

And since I’ve never dove without a camera in hand (except for my certification dive), I naturally brought my Insta360 One X2.

It’s a fun camera, but by no means does it compare to the Abyss mounted with 6 GoPros all shooting 4K, creating essentially a 24K video! Insta360 is a 5.7K video – no comparison, but it’s such an easy camera to bring along for something like this.


Who wouldn’t want this? Especially if you’ve become addicted to these beautiful creatures like I have.

Even if you haven’t. And maybe especially if you haven’t.

In fact, if you’re afraid of sharks and are willing to experience this, get in touch with me. I’d like to offer this experience to someone, helping more of the world learn the truth about sharks.

Contact me here:

Dive with the Sharks
(for free!)

If you’re terrified of sharks but willing to get close, contact me here. Even if you’re not certified, there’s an option for you to get close to these creatures.
And we’ll cover the cost.

360 video shark dive at denver aquarium new focus films
From episode 7 of the A Rising Tide series

The Shark Dive Experience at Denver Aquarium

Ever wanted to swim with the sharks? The Downtown Denver Aquarium gives you that opportunity. For those who are at least 10 years old and certified as a scuba diver, you can join their Shark Dive program and experience life underwater within the aquarium’s shark tank.

You will be diving in our Shark Tank with a Dive Master from A1 Scuba who makes sure that everyone is safe, including the sharks – especially the sharks.

The dive master is highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable about sharks. They will give you tips on how to behave around these magnificent creatures so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience. 

The aquarium provides all equipment necessary for the dive, including wetsuits and air tanks.

You’re encouraged to bring your own mask, but that’s it! In order to protect the animals in the tank, only fins, wetsuits, regulators, BCDs and tanks provided by the Aquarium are permitted.

she is the ocean documentary
Ocean Ramsey hanging out with a Tiger Shark. Image from "She is the Ocean" documentary (I think)
360 Virtual Shark Dive at Denver Downtown Aquarium
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360 Virtual Shark Dive at Denver Downtown Aquarium
Explore a virtual shark dive in 360 video at the Denver Aquarium
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