a music video production for the cass clayton band

Making a music video with The Cass Clayton Band and a drunk preacher.
Music Video Production for the Cass Clayton Band

The music video production for Cass Clayton's "We're All Going Down"

I first met Cass Clayton when producing a branded documentary for the Arts Commission of Lafayette, CO, that focused on Cass and her band recording at Far and Away Studios.

We hit it off right away. Cass is easy to work with, passionate about her art and an amazing talent to just be in the room with.

If you haven’t heard of Cass Clayton yet, she’s a Colorado-based singer/songwriter with a velvety voice, leading listeners on a journey of emotion and story through each song. With the thoughtful skills of guitarist and co-writer, Taylor Scott, the Cass Clayton Band combines rock, blues, funk, and R&B.

Onstage Magazine said it well: “Cass Clayton… whose singing oozes of smoke and honey while her slide guitar playing is simply badass.”

Cass Clayton had great ideas for making a music video.

A few months after our documentary production, Cass Clayton and I got together again to discuss making a music video for her upcoming single, We’re All Going Down.

I love when an artist has a bunch of ideas and at the same time is open to hearing more. This is why creating a music video can often be some of the most creatively rewarding projects. She knew from the start that the song should involve a preacher with a drinking problem, trying to collect money door to door.

After a couple cups of coffee, I had a notepad filled with ideas and was excited to find our actor. I hadn’t even heard the song yet. It didn’t matter. I knew Cass’ music and the story she wanted to tell. I was on board.

Filming a music video can be challenging for some, but this band had no problem - fun, energetic and totally professional!

We began production with a studio shoot, filming Cass and the band at Far & Away Studios in Lafayette, CO.

Whenever filming a combined singing/narrative music video, I always prefer to film the singing first. Be right there with the singer performing the song – it gives us me an opportunity to see something I hadn’t before. It might be subtle, but I get a much deeper connection to the song this way.

It’s also demanding on the singer and band, because I need a lot of footage for this part of the music video. These sort of productions require for an organic response to the music instead of a carefully planned storyboard. It creates a more honest and dynamic video, in my opinion. The downside, however, is that it means going through the song at least a dozen times to get every angle necessary.

Cass Clayton, her band and the guys at the studio didn’t seem to even break a sweat. After countless takes, they just kept giving there all every single time!

Filming a music video can be challenging for some, but this band had no problem - fun, energetic and totally professional!

After going through a lot of headshots for the preacher role, we landed on RJ Wagner. This guy brought so much more than I expected. He had ideas on every shot. RJ is my favorite type of actor to work with: he takes the director’s notes easily and then comes back with even more.

Music Video Production by New Focus Films starring RJ Wagner

You can see the video for We’re All Going Down by The Cass Clayton Band here:

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