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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How much does a video cost?

It’s never an easy answer because every video is different. A cookie-cutter approach in video only results in a product that will be ignored.

Best I can tell you is that we’ll be transparent in our costs and work with you to keep costs down wherever possible.

#2. How long does a video take to create?

Video production is broken down into 3 phases: pre-production (or planning), production (all the filming), and post-production (editing). Usually, pre-production requires a week or two, and the production happens in a day, and post production will require another week or two.
Of course, there are many variables such as planning out the video with your team or arranging schedules with crew, cast and locations, and then the editing may go through more revisions than planned (do you have a picky investor who’ll jump in at the last minute with a load of requests? Don’t worry, it happens.)

Typically, a video takes about a month. In some cases, it’s a week and in some, it’s 3 months. Just check in with us on your details and we’ll give you an idea of what to expect.

#3. What can I do with my video?

Great question!

We’ve had clients pay thousands of dollars for a video and then do nothing with it, and later wonder if it was a good investment or not.
You can do a lot with your video, as long as it’s getting seen. We will work with you to ensure you’re getting the most use out of your video.
Your video should be on your website (visible on the home page), on YouTube, on every social media platform you’ve got (and get a few more). It should be connected to every email you send and it should be used in routine paid ads.

#4. How can I cut costs on the video?

It’s like a medical procedure. You need a mole removed and we’ll do it, but do you want it removed with a scalpel or with sandpaper?

A solid video production requires skilled people using expensive equipment to get a job done well. If you don’t trust us, hire a filmmaking-enthusiast teen to make your video – it probably won’t be bad. But when you need a video filmed with an understanding for marketing, client acquisition, and online traffic, then come talk to us again.

When you do, give us the name of that teen you hired. Maybe we’ll bring them on as an assistant. They work cheap and have no problem loading lots of gear.

#5. How long is a video good for?

This varies by industry and how much traffic you get with the video, but normally, a video is good for about 3 years.

You still use the old videos if you’re happy with them, but use the newer videos at the forefront of your marketing.

#6. How do I determine ROI on a video?

This depends on how you’re using it. If it’s a promotional video, than just compare your online traffic before and after the video (at least 3 months after posting the video).

A crowdfunding video’s ROI is more difficult to determine, unless you’re changing the video mid-campaign. The best we can say is have all your ducks in a row before launching, and if the product and timing are good, you’ll get your ROI. Get the our Crowdfunding Checklist if you haven’t already.

For social media, just like the promotional video, run an audit on your channels prior to adding the new video, and then keep watching over the next few months.