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branded documentary Production

We help eco-conscious companies connect with passionate audiences through
branded documentaries.

From concept to delivery, we create documentary content that builds awareness, inspires change, and shares the values of your brand or organization.

core principles

• innovation
• eco-conscious
• preservation
• sustainability

Branded documentaries are not about selling a product or service, but instead building awareness of how people make use of a particular company or organization. The point of a branded documentary is an in-depth, nuanced testimonial that entertains and educates.
Done well, a branded documentary naturally attracts attention and interest into the company or organization, because the values are shared. It’s not promotional or sales. It’s authentic connection.


a few of Our branded documentaries

Local Artist Series

  • 24 Episode Series
  • Limited Production spanning 1 year
Client: Lafayette Arts Commission
Audience: Artist and art appreciators in Colorado

Ocean Conservation Series

  • 18 Episode Series
  • Celebrity Host
  • Celebrity Music Licensed
  • Full Production spanning 6 months
Client: Ocean First
Audience: Teens interested in the ocean

Epic Corporate Video

  • Short Documentary
  • Full Production spanning 2 weeks
Client: Boulder Forestry
Audience: Boulder, CO. home-owners

What is the process of a
branded documentary production?


It begins with the concept. 

We work closely with your team to discover the most compelling narrative that your audience will relate to.

From here, we layout a plan to ensure that we deliver within the budget and timeframe.

branded documentary production new focus films


branded documentary production new focus films

During production, we work hard to create the perfect style and message for your ideal audience. This involves knowing the right cameras and lenses, or even how to move the camera. Every detail comes down to knowing who we’re making this for.

We work on a wide variety of project sizes, from one-off short documentaries to extended web sries. 

Throughout the production, we remain in close contact, as much as needed, to ensure that the project is running smoothly without any unwanted surprises.


Post-production is where it all comes together. 

This is the editing of all the footage, turning the many hours into something that people relate to.


what's INcluded in a
branded documentary production?

When we produce a branded documentary for your organization, we get a lot of content. A lot!
And it makes sense to use that content wherever possible. 
This might include a testimonial interview or clips for social media.

Social Media Videos

With all the B-roll footage we get, there’s a lot that can be used for your social media.

We can cut this footage into usable, engaging pictures and short video clips that will keep you top of mind for a long time to come.

Niche Topic Video

Some projects cover a lot of topics, and there’s just not enough time to go into one as much as we’d like. That’s where a niche video comes in.

These can be used as promotional pieces or PSA’s that serve a unique purpose in addition to the documentary content.

Behind the Scenes Video

Like the bonus features of a good movie, your audience might want a little more content. 

We create behind the scenes videos that can feature someone within your company or even a celebrity that was involved in the project. 

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We help eco-conscious companies connect with passionate audiences through branded documentaries.