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Crowdfunding Video Production

Crowdfunding Pitch Videos and Ads to Help Launch Your Product.  

We produce crowdfunding videos that are focused on your demographic. Through audience research, we can deliver what your future funders are most interested in.

• Kickstarter
• Indiegogo
• Equity
• and more

Based centrally in the Denver, Colorado area, we have access to a wide variety of elements and resources. We work with companies locally and world-wide, researching your customers wherever they are.

Above all, we understand that crowdfunding means that you’re most likely boot-strapped and on a tight budget.  While you need the best possible video to help fund your campaign, you also need to keep the cost within reason.  We are sensitive to this and do what we can to help.

Examples of Our Crowdfunding videos

Basic Crowdfunding Video

  • 1 Actors & 1 Locations
  • Script
  • Licensed Music

Advanced Crowdfunding Video

  • 2 Actors & 3 Locations
  • Script
  • Licensed Music
  • Animated Graphics

Epic Crowdfunding Video

  • Multiple Actors & Locations
  • Script
  • Licensed Music
  • Hair & Make-Up
  • Extensive Animated Graphics

••• Extras included in epic package •••

Founder Interview Video

A founder interview is great for your campaign page and allows for extra content that wouldn’t fit in the main crowdfunding video.

Short Version Video Ad

A short, digestible size video great for social media or pre-roll advertising, where you can reach a much bigger audience.

Testimonial Niche Video

Using more of the interview content that wouldn’t make it to the final crowdfunding video, this works great for adding more info in your marketing and campaign page.


Crowdfunding Pitch Video
$ 5500+
1-3 Minute Video
20-30 Second Teaser
  • Script
  • 1 Day Production
  • 1 Actor & 1-2 Locations
  • 2D Graphics
  • 2 Revisions


Crowdfunding Commercial
with Story
$ 8000+
1-3 Minute Video
20-30 Second Teaser
1 Niche or Testimonial Video
  • Script
  • 2 Day Production
  • 2 Actors & 2-3 Locations
  • 2D Animated Graphics
  • 3 Revisions
  • Founder, Testimonial and/or Niche Video


Hollywood​ Production
Crowdfunding Commercial
(without Hollywood Cost)
$ 21000+
1-3 Minute Video
20-30 Second Teaser
2 Niche or Testimonial Videos
  • Script
  • 3+ Day Production
  • Multiple Actors & Locations
  • 2D Animated Graphics
  • 3D Animated Graphics
  • 4 Revisions
  • Founder, Testimonial and/or Niche Videos

Extra Kickstarter & Indiegogo Production services available by New Focus Films

Depending on whats needed to best tell your story, we have the following options available.  The additional costs will be clearly explained on every project bid.

  • Unique locations like on an Airplane or Underwater
  • 3D Rendering
  • Custom Music Creation
  • Multi-Country Production
  • Celebrity Actor/Spokesperson
  • and More

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