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Music Video Production

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Why Make a Music video?

A music video gives your audience an additional way to enjoy your work and it gives promoters and booking agents insight into how seriously you take your career as a musician.

A music video has a big job to do. It has to live up to the integrity of your music and deliver your message in a unique way. It’s a task that is not taken for granted.

Make A Music Video Production New Focus Films Matt Abraxas

Who will you trust with the visual representation of your music?

Matt Abraxas approaches every music video with patient consideration.

Listening to the song dozens of times until every beat is threaded into his imagination, Matt creates a unique vision for the song and works with the artist to bring the music video to life.

The music video is more than a piece of art for the audience, but also a marketing tool for other professionals to help understand the musicians work, for promoting, booking, distributing, etc.
New Focus Films doesn’t take this lightly. We work closely with every musician to ensure that the vision is a fit and the outcome is something we’ll all be proud of for years to come.

Examples of Our Music Videos

"Twist In My Sobriety"

Play Video

Featuring Cassidy Lee
Filmed in Boulder, Colorado

"This Love"

Play Video about music video production for this love by mishka

Featuring Satori Folkes-Stone, Tara Spencer Frith and Sylvie Grace.
Filmed in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, California

Cass Clayton Band
"We're All Going Down"

Play Video about Music Video Production for the Cass Clayton Band

Featuring RJ Wagner
Filmed in Lafayette, Colorado

We can work with most "realistic" budgets.
The most important thing is to see if we relate to your music and can offer a vision that lives up to your art.

What is the process of making a music video?


new focus films colorado video production

It begins with an idea: PRE PRODUCTION

We listen to the song repeatedly and also go through any inspirations you have for music videos.

From here, we’ll pitch an idea to you that works within the budget.


new focus films colorado video production

The easy part: PRODUCTION

Music video productions can vary a lot. It can be a short few hours of your performing the song, or it can be multiple days with performances, wardrobe changes, dancers, and who knows what else.

Whatever it is, it’s the fun, easy part. It’s the magic of Hollywood, but with a small crew and a reasonable budget.


Where it all comes together: POST-PRODUCTION

When we make a music video, we get a lot of footage, especially if it includes performances by musicians or dancers. 

It’s with a patient, attentive eye that we pull it all together. We go over the first cut with you and make whatever changes you prefer, finalizing a music video we’re both proud of.

Music Video Editing and Production New Focus Films Matt Abraxas

Music video production

More examples of our music videos

"Giving Thanks"

Filmed and Edited by Matt Abraxas

"Come Back To Me"

Edited by Matt Abraxas


Filmed by Frank Lyman and Matt Abraxas
Edited by Matt Abraxas

Music Video Production
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